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10 Brilliant ‘No Planning Required’ Activities for Children

It’s great spending quality-time with your family over the summer holidays, but it’s not easy coming up with new (and affordable) activities for children every day.  It’s times like these that Paw Patrol’s theme tune can start to get just a little bit grating…

With this in mind, we’ve put together some ‘No Planning Required’ learning activities you can do outdoors and at home!

10 Activities for Children

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Make Our 3 Ingredient Banana Cookies!

Watch our short video to learn how you can make one of our favourite healthy snacks in minutes. These delicious 3 Ingredient Banana Cookies are low-fat, vegan and super easy to make. 

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Read the Park Wood Super Spring-Summer Newsletter!

The sun has got his hat on and we’ve got so many exciting learning activities to look forward to. We have some wonderful days ahead of us, including National Scavenger Hunt Day, Fathers Day and Nature Photography Day!

Find out more in our Super Spring-Summer Newsletter!

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