Our food

Our carefully planned menus are designed to make sure our children are nurtured with fresh food and a nutritionally balanced diet every day.

Our menu run on a four-week cycle offering a different range of meals each week, so that your child has the varied diet required to help them develop their tastes and make healthy choices in the future.All our meat is locally sourced and Farm Assured. All our eggs are free range. We use seasonal vegetables where possible.

We serve delicious meals inspired by a variety of different cultures. As a result, our children get to discover an exciting range of tastes, smells and textures. By keeping our menus interesting we aim to teach our children that trying new food is exciting, not scary, and that healthy ingredients can be transformed into something amazing!

  • Nutritious food that’s been freshly prepared
  • Delicious, healthy and balanced meals and snacks
  • A wide variety of lovely flavours, textures and smells
  • Meals and snacks that are low in fat, salt and sugar
  •  Four-week rotating seasonal menus – therefore keeping things exciting!

Throughout their time at nursery, your little one will get lots of opportunities to prepare their own snacks using fresh ingredients, helping them to understand where healthy food comes from. By creating this positive association with healthy ingredients, we aim to create healthy habits in our children that will last a lifetime.

Exceptional Childcare in Frampton Cotterell.