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All the staff are excellent with the children. There are plenty of activities for the children. The children have the opportunity to go to the swimming baths, they go to pantomimes at Christmas, they have dressing up days which I’m sure every child enjoys. The nursery on a whole is fantastic, I have no complaints whatsoever. The children are really well looked after, and I would definitely recommend Best Friends to anyone.
Parent of Best Friends Private Day Nursery

We have two children in the nursery and are very happy as are our children. The nursery provides a friendly, warm and comforting atmosphere for our young daughter. They do age appropriate activities and have toys that encourage their development – she loves the nursery and lights up when we pull up in the car park. The pre-school class offers extra activities such as swimming and French lessons, which I couldn’t be more impressed with. The outdoor area is great and the children are encouraged to embrace outdoor activities – recently sports day. Much more than I expected from a nursery.
Parent of Best Friends Private Day Nursery

My son and I love the nursery; he has attended the nursery from 6 weeks old till he left for school in September 2012. The staffs have been there throughout my son’s development stages and they have guided me when to start weaning, potty training, and generally just getting him prepared for school. The nursery was always welcoming and friendly and management were always approachable. I can’t thank the preschool staff enough as I feel they have played a significant role in my sons life, as they took him and supported him with his swimming and French lessons. They have also enjoyed memorable day trips out of the nursery with him.
Parent of Best Friends Private Day Nursery

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