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Building a Cosy Retreat

Everyone has had lots of fun so far this week!

Our babies played with the torches in their Sensory Room, using their hands to wave the light around in different directions. This helped them to develop their gross motor skills with the use of large arm movements.

Playing with gloop was another fun activity to enhance their senses. They loved exploring the texture, making marks with their little hands which encouraged the development of their fine motor skills.

Meanwhile, our tiny toddlers made delicious fairy cakes with their Key Workers. They measured out the ingredients which helped introduce them to simple mathematical language. They each took turns in mixing the ingredients together with a spoon, encouraging them to wait for their turn and practise their sharing skills.

Our lovely pre-school children built their own dens at the beginning of this week, using a range of fabrics and cushions to make their perfect cosy hideaway.

Besides building dens, they also built their own obstacle course outside using tyres and wooden planks. This helped them to develop their fine motor skills as they raced alongside each other, giggling and laughing as they went.