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One step for man one giant leap for our pre-schoolers.

To enhance our babies’ taste buds our babies have taken part in a fruit tasting session. We introduced them to bananas, strawberries, oranges and mangos. Some were favoured more than others, with bananas being a great hit.

Using cardboard boxes, they built a farm scene, were they placed their small world animals into the new surroundings. Our babies mimicked the different sounds of the animals and this led on to singing Old McDonald had a farm.

Our toddlers Role Play area has been changed into a kitchen, where they have been able to play with real cornflakes, rice and fruit. They pretended to be Mums and Dads serving up breakfast.

They have a real interest in Peppa Pig, so they drew some pictures of Peppa and her things, oinking as they did so.

Learning all about space, our pre-schoolers created their own rocket pictures to launch into space. They counted down from 10 and pretended to fly into space. They even made some moon dust and pretended they were exploring on the moon.