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Baa Baa Wooley Sheep

So far this week our babies have played with their new sensory box, where they discovered soft rollers, squidgy balls and shiny ribbons. They particularly enjoyed waving the ribbons about in front of them.

Having learnt about their different facial features, our babies pointed at the different parts whilst looking in a mirror, making for lots a smiles and giggles.

In the Toddler Room, our toddlers created a nursery rhyme display. To start it off they made some Baa Baa Wooley sheep, using sheep shapes and cotton wool. Some chose to paint the cotton wool as well as gluing it on. Once we stuck them on the board they counted how many sheep they had in their flock.

They made some paper tea sets to represent the rhyme ‘I’m a Little Tea Pot’. Some of our toddlers pretended to pour some tea for their friends and their Key Workers.

Our Tweenies are learning to recognise the colours of the rainbow, so this week they created a large scale rainbow picture. Using their hands and new brushes they selected the different colours and discovered that if they mix some paint together they can create more colours.

The current topic in the Pre-school Room is ‘our body’. In pairs our pre-schoolers lay on a large piece of paper and drew around each other. They then coloured them in and added some facial features, whilst talking about the different parts such as eyes, nose etc.

Preparing our pre-schoolers for school they took part in a writing exercise, having to write their name on a line. They did a fabulous job of this!


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