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Little French Chefs

So far this week, our babies have made marks with their toy cars. They loved rolling the toy cars in splodges of paint and driving them over pieces of paper to make their own colourful masterpiece.

They have also explored different sounds, making a great deal of noise as they banged on the drums and clashed their little cymbals together.

We’ve had some little French chefs in our Toddler Room with our children making their own chocolate croissants! Yum! It was a pleasure to see our mini cooks take it in turns to mix up the ingredients and really getting involved in the activity.

They each made a yummy croissant to take home to enjoy with their families.

Over in our Tweenie Room, our children have practised looking after toy dolls: putting them to bed, pushing them around in prams and making their dolls some breakfast were just some of the activities carried out by our tweenies.

Meanwhile, our pre-schoolers have drawn pictures to create their own story board, using the help from their Key Workers who wrote under each picture in order to tell the story.

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