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Splashing in the Puddles

Our babies explored in their water tray, splashing their little hands whilst babbling away.

Exploring paint, our babies dipped their tiny fingers in the paint and pressed onto some paper to make lots of pretty marks. They also enjoyed using their hands to move the paint around on the paper.

The theme in the Tweenie Room is ‘The Weather’, so they went outside to look at the sun and the rain. When in rained our tweenies had lots of fun jumping in the puddles and splashing around. One of our tweenies said that we need to wear “wellies and rain coat” when it rained.

With the arrival of the New Year our toddlers created their own fireworks to bring in the New Year in their room. They used foam cones and decorated them with coloured paper and glitter, they then set them off in their room shouting “Happy New Year!”

They have been delighted to return after the break to find that Santa had delivered them a new toy – a brand new Noah’s Ark. They played with the little animals and set them sail on the Ark, using their imagination.

Our pre-schoolers talked about where they live and what rooms they have in their homes. They spoke about what they have in each room and what they can do in each room too.

To further explore their understanding of the world around them, they looked around their room and noted which objects were metal and which weren’t. For instance, they noticed that a table was not metal but the table leg was. They proved to be very observant.

The pre-schoolers French lessons have started again much to their delight. These sessions are held once a week and are free for all our pre-schoolers.

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