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Making Marks in our Wellies!

This week we shall be continuing with our monthly theme: ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.

Our babies will have a chance to play with their new sensory bottles filled with sequins, glitter and coloured water. These are in keeping with the bear hunt theme, and will aid our babies’ sensory development.

They really enjoyed playing with their bear hunt builder’s tray last week, so we have incorporated some more natural resources in this including leaves.

Our toddler’s water tray now has soil inside, and some small sized wellies, which they will be able to squelch in the mud using their hands pretending to go on a bear hunt.

Discovering different patterns, our toddlers will put on their own wellies and step in an array of paint. Using their physical skills, they will be able to walk, skip, stomp and even jump on a large piece of paper to see the different patterns their wellies and actions make.

We have hidden different numbered bears in the pre-schoolers sand tray, which they will discover, and try to put in the correct order as they collect them, developing their mathematical skills.

Some of our pre-schoolers have been very imaginative in storytelling, so to take this further we will play ‘What Could Happen if’; a game which allows our children to create their own creative endings to well-known stories. We will focus on ‘Bear Hunt’ and see how many different endings we get. We may even have our pre-schoolers act the scenes out.