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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

Our whole nursery is looking forward to going on a Bear Hunt this week!

Our babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers will be making their own bear masks, using an array of materials and methods such as felt pens for our older children and collaging different textures for our younger babies.  

In the Baby Room our babies will turn their tray into a bear hunt scene, using natural resources including straw, grass and twigs, along with shredded paper. They will also mould bears out of playdough to go in the tray too.

As our toddlers really enjoyed playing with the expandable snow last week, they asked to use it to create a snow storm over their version of the bear hunt scene set in their builder’s tray.

They will also paint their own scenes of the bear hunt, using colours such as green to represent the grass and brown to represent the mud. We look forward to seeing their wonderful creative interpretations.

With the rainy weather over the weekend our garden area has a range of puddles which our pre-schoolers have asked if they can go outside and jump in the puddles. They will put on their wellies and look at the different footprints in the mud too, comparing, the sizes and patterns each welly makes.

Using wooden spoons and different textures such as furry brown material, we made our own ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ resource bag which we will use this week during story time. Each room will have a chance to listen to the story and our older children will be able to discuss and recall different parts of the story.