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Cardboard Gnomes

We’ve got lots of fun activities planned for this week!

Our babies will be delving their hands into a range of new textures, including mushy peas and couscous which will also introduce them to new foods and flavours.

Their Key Workers will also be encouraging them to start moving, using bright coloured balls and fabrics to gain their interest.

In our Upper Baby Room, our children will be continuing to sing ‘If You’re Happy and You Know it’ to help develop their language and gross motor skills, whilst gently introducing them to new emotions.

Later on in the week, they will be taking part in a baby massage session to sooth and relax their muscles after a long week of fun, games and activities.

Over in the Infants Room, our children will continue making their cardboard gnomes to go into their garden centre Role Play area. This week, we will be making faces for our gnomes, cutting out different shapes and sticking them down with glue.

We are also going to be creating a swamp tray for our jungle animals using lots of natural resources. They will be collecting leaves, twigs and mud from their outdoor area to create their muddy marshland.

Meanwhile, our children in the Tweenie Room will be finishing their circus Role Play area where they can put on their own circus show! They will have the opportunity to dress up as clowns and make their friends laugh once their circus is complete.

In the meantime, our preppies will become pirates, sailing the seven seas. They will be going on their own treasure hunt, searching for gold coins made from salt dough and gold paint.