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Exploring Mashed Potatoes

Last week, our children were very busy doing lots of fun activities as they came back to nursery for the New Year!

Our babies developed their personal, social and emotional skills as they welcomed some new faces into their room with lots of smiles. We were pleased to inform their parents that their child had settled in to their new nursery environment extremely well.

We introduced our babies to new sensory experiences, allowing them to explore mashed potato with their hands. They investigated the soft texture, developing their fine motor skills as they squeezed the mashed potato into different shapes.

Meanwhile, our children in the upper baby room played in rainbow gloop, to help them develop their fine motor skills whilst they explored their senses. They watched the colours merge together the more they played with the gloop.

Inside their tent, they sat in a group, learning about different animals and the different sounds they make. This enabled our upper babies to develop the knowledge and understanding of animals and allowed them to develop their language skills.

Our children in the Infant Room made footprints to create monkey pictures, linking in with our Chinese New Year theme. They loved feeling the wet texture of the paint on their feet and pressing their feet onto the paper in order to make their prints.

They also played with play dough, scented with Chinese spices, to introduce them to new smells.

In the meantime, our tweenies played in their new role play area which was transformed into a baby corner. They pretending to care for their dolls, washing them in soapy water which portrayed the importance of personal hygiene skills and keeping clean.

They also went on a listening walk in their garden where they listened to birds tweeting, leaves crunching and the wind howling.

Our children in the Preppies Room transformed their role play area into a pirate ship, linking in with their pirate theme for January. They also made lots of fun pictures for their new pirate display board, including a huge ship made from a variety of different materials.