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Happy New Year

We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas break. It has been lovely to welcome our children back and hear all about their celebrations over the holidays.

The week before we broke up, our children finished off their Christmas crafts, painted snowmen, decorated gingerbread men, cut out Christmas Trees, and made strawberry Santas. They were delighted to take all their crafts home to give to their parents.

All our children had a big Christmas party, with party food, games and plenty of dancing. We also pretended to welcome in the New Year as our clock struck 12.

To prepare our nursery for the arrival of the New Year, our children made New Year displays and put them up in their room. They will finish them once they arrive back in 2016.

We were really pleased with one of our little babies in the Baby Room who took his first steps. This is a fantastic milestone and we are sure he will be taking more steps around our nursery. Well Done!