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Little Stars Children Make Soup at Home

We handed out recipe bags to the parents and carers at our Glossop nursery, so our children could cook a healthy meal with their families.

The bags were filled fresh ingredients and instructions for making a Carrot and Lentil soup from the Little Stars Nursery seasonal menu!

Little Stars Nursery Chef Cooking the Soup

Nursery Chef Michele cooking the soup with her grandson

The Carrot and Lentil Soup is a great recipe for cooking with children. Not only is it tasty and nutritious; it’s great for developing children’s fine motor skills. By making the soup they get to experience peeling, grating, pouring, stirring and blending.

The children took the bags back to their kitchens at home

Carefully stirring the vegetable stock

Little Stars Nursery Chef Michele took a bag home too

Little Stars Nursery Chef Michele – who was recently a ‘Nursery Chef of the Year’ finalist – took a bag home to cook with her grandson. They made a delicious looking soup together. It looks like a talent for good food runs in the family!

Our Carrot and Lentil Soup is a lovely winter warmer

Michele confirmed that the soup was a hit with her grandson, so we handed out the bags to our lovely parents and carers too. They took the bags home and had fun cooking with the Little Stars children. Some of our parents even sent in photos of their little chefs hard at work.

Our families sent in their fantastic ‘soup selfies’

Little Stars Nursery Manager Michelle said,  “We do a lot to promote healthy eating at Little Stars, from freshly preparing healthy meals in the nursery kitchen, to helping the children grow their own vegetables in our garden.

“We often prepare food with the children because it helps them to understand where healthy meals come from. Cooking with children is also great for developing their fine motor skills, independence and understanding of how to use kitchen tools safely.

“Our parents and carers are very enthusiastic about encouraging the children to eat well at home as well as at the nursery, so we thought the recipe bags would be a great way to help them to do this.”

We provided visual recipe cards for the children to follow

Pouring stock over the fresh carrots and onions

We’d like to say a big thank you to our lovely parents and carers for taking part and for sending in photos of the children making the delicious looking soup!

Cooking with children is great for developing their fine motor skills…

…and gives them a wonderful sense of pride and independence too!

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