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The Park Wood Nursery Ofsted Report is GOOD!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ve been rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted following our recent inspection! The Park Wood Nursery Ofsted report is full of praise for our staff and children and we couldn’t be prouder.

‘Staff are very caring and nurturing’

Our nursery in Bidston feels like one big family, and we’re so pleased that the Ofsted inspector had so much to say about the wonderful relationships we have with our children.

The report says, “Children quickly form strong bonds with their key person. Staff are very caring and nurturing. They soothe and cuddle babies before getting them to sleep. They gently ease children into activities when they wake. Older children are confident to approach staff for assistance.

“Staff genuinely value children’s opinions. For example, following feedback from children, staff are planning to take children on a bus ride.”

‘Varied and interesting experiences that motivate children to learn’

We’re particularly proud of all the things the Ofsted inspector had to say about our approach to learning at Park Wood! The whole team work very hard to make sure our children are nurtured, inspired and have fun every day, so it’s wonderful that our report reflects this.

The inspector said, “Staff provide varied and interesting experiences that motivate children to learn. Babies are fascinated as they explore coloured liquid filled mats. Younger children pour water into guttering and giggle as they follow where it goes.

“Children thoroughly enjoy their time outdoors. They make good use of the natural environment to develop their learning.”

Regular Training ‘has a positive impact on the children’

The Park Wood team are constantly looking at ways that we can go above and beyond for our children. Our latest report talks about this in lots of detail, saying There is a robust system for supervising and monitoring staff performance.

“Staff have opportunities to access further training to broaden their skills and knowledge. This has a positive impact on the children. For example, recent training on ‘in the moment’ planning has led to a sharper focus on developing children’s self-initiated play.

Experienced staff support children with additional needs well. They work successfully with health professionals, such as physiotherapists, to put bespoke support in place. This helps children to effectively build on their existing skills.”

A huge thank you to our parents

The strong relationships we have with our parents and carers really do help us to make Park Wood the fabulous setting that it is. We want to thank all of our families for their ongoing support!

To read everything the Ofsted inspector has to say about our Bidston nursery, read our full Ofsted report.