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Meeting Father Christmas

Last week, our babies made reindeer food using oats and glitter. They loved exploring the different textures and made lots of marks with their hands.

Meanwhile, our tinies made salt dough keys. This was to make sure Father Christmas could get into their homes and leave presents under their tree, especially if they didn’t have a chimney.

They went down to the farm in the buggy to see the animals and loved looking at the pigs, cows and chickens whilst they made lots of funny animal sounds.

Our toddlers had a Christmas party, where they played lots of games such as musical statues and pass the parcel.

They played with play dough, moulding the dough into a variety of shapes, which developed their fine motor skills. They turned the dough blue, and added their Frozen character figurines to create ‘Frozen Play dough’.

Our pre-schoolers also had a Christmas party, along with a visit from a very special guest.

Father Christmas and one of his reindeers came to visit all the children at Best Friends to find out what they would like for Christmas. Everyone had a picture with Father Christmas and got to pat his reindeer, feeling the soft fuzzy fur with their hands.

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