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This week, we’re planning to carry out lots of fun activities to develop our babies mark making skills. To introduce them to new painting experiences, they will be using carrots, instead of their hands, to make lots of marks with paint.

Our babies will also be exploring sand mousse, allowing them to experience a new texture, due to the fact they enjoyed playing in gloop so much last week.

Also, we will be doing singalong sessions, using puppets, to enhance our babies’ language development.

Meanwhile, in our Tinies Room, our children will be creating Valentine’s Day paintings to help introduce them to different celebrations.

They will also work on their understanding of colours and the seasons by doing some leaf printing, using leaves they will have collected from outside.

Our children in the Toddler Room will be going on a Bear Hunt! We have planned to act out different songs from the book with our toddlers, using props! This is part of our Toddler Talk Scheme to encourage our children to develop their language skills.

In the meantime, our pre-schoolers will be continuing their yoga lessons. Our pose of the month is Namaste, a greeting pose whereby our children will place the palms of their hands together over the chest whilst sitting down, crossing their legs.

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