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Exploring our Senses

We’re going to be busy exploring our senses this week.

Our babies will be hosting their own tea party, pouring their own imaginary drinks and eating fresh nutritious snacks.

They will also be looking at one word books, to help develop their language skills and introduce them to new words.

Meanwhile, our children in the Tinies Room will be painting textured pictures using rice crispies. This will provide them with the opportunity to explore their senses whilst they exploit their creative skills.

Our children in the Toddler Room, will continue exploring the grassy marshland they made for their dinosaur toys last week. They are going to be exploring the textures of the mud, as well as other natural resources to enhance their sensory development.

Our pre-schoolers will be carrying on with the space theme, making moon rocks out of rice crispies. This will encourage them to use their fine motor skills, whilst they make yummy treats to enjoy with their families.

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