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The Curiosity Approach at The Big Picture Nursery

The Big Picture Private Day Nursery in Southport has transformed itself in to one of the UK’s leading settings for the ‘Curiosity Approach’, an exciting new child development approach designed to inspire young minds and create the curious thinkers and doers of the future.

Curiosity Approach at The Big Picture Nursery in Southport

Here at the The Big Picture we do things a little differently…

You won’t find bold primary colours all over the walls, but instead natural objects and neutral tones. The walls are filled with vinyl records, sparkling lights and the odd bicycle wheel. An upright piano and, amongst an array of other unusual objects, a pair of Turkish slippers sits in the reception area. This is not your average nursery.

Over the past 12 months, Marie and her team have been busy scouring the free papers, car boot sales and bric-a-brac shops to find the unusual objects that will encourage children to be curious and develop their creativity, independence, confidence and problem-solving skills.

“Children have naturally inquisitive minds. By introducing unusual objects, loose parts and real objects that are shiny, are fragile or are perhaps made of other materials we give those minds the opportunity to discover things that ‘traditional’ nursery resources will never provide.

“The impact of the new environments alongside our team’s understanding of how to get the best from them has been dramatic, not only in terms of the children’s learning and development but also we’ve found improvements in the calmness and general behaviour of our children”

We recently had a journalist from the Liverpool Life pop down to see our fabulous nursery!

Click here to read the article written in the Liverpool Life about our nursery!

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